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Timko, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


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Timko CA, Goulazian TG, Fitzpatrick KK, Rodriguez D. (2018) "Cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) as a pretreatment intervention for adolescents with anorexia nervosa during medical hospitalization: a pilot randomized controlled trial protocol" Pilot Feasibility Stud

Dakanalis A, Alix Timko C, Colmegna F, Riva G, Clerici M. (2018) "Evaluation of the DSM-5 severity ratings of anorexia nervosa in a clinical sample." Psychiatry Res

Peebles R, Lesser A, Park CC, Heckert K, Timko CA, Lantzouni E, Liebman R, Weaver L.(2017) "Outcomes of an inpatient medical nutritional rehabilitation protocol in children and adolescents with eating disorders." J Eat Disord

Moskovich AA, Timko CA, Honeycutt LK, Zucker NL, Merwin RM..(2017) "Change in expressed emotion and treatment outcome in adolescent anorexia nervosa" Eating Disord

Timko CA, Zucker NL, Herbert JD, Rodriguez D, Merwin RM. (2015) "An open trial of Acceptance-based Separated Family Treatment (ASFT) for adolescents with anorexia nervosa" Behavior Res Ther