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Center for Weight and Eating Disorders

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Our History

The Center for Weight and Eating Disorders was founded by Albert J. Stunkard, M.D., over 45 years ago to better understand the causes of weight and weight-related disorders.

Dr. Stunkard, an internationally renowned scholar, directed the program's (formerly the Obesity Research Group) research efforts and remains an active and integral member of the group today.

The current director, Thomas A. Wadden, Ph.D., came to the University of Pennsylvania in 1981 and is a preeminent authority on the treatment of overweight, binge eating, and related problems.

Under Dr Wadden's leadership, our group continues to conduct a wide variety of studies on the causes and treatment of weight-related disorders.

More recently, the Center for Weight and Eating Disorders has begun to offer professional services to the general public rather than only to participants in research studies.