Cell and Developmental Biology Microscopy Core

Rates and Policies

Light Microscopy Rates


Microscope Assisted Imaging Unassisted Imaging — Peak Hours Unassisted Imaging — Off-peak Hours
All Leica confocals $85/hour $35/hour $17.50/hour
Zeiss LSM 710 confocal $85/hour $35/hour $17.50/hour
Zeiss LSM 880 confocal $90/hour $40/hour $20/hour
Spinning disk confocal, VT-iSIM, Vutara 352 $80/hour $30/hour $15/hour
Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 $85/hour $35/hour $17.50/hour
Deltavision Wide field $70/hour $20/hour $10/hour

All other wide fields (including EVOS)

$60/hour $10/hour $10/hour

Peak hours are from 8 am - 8 pm Monday - Friday.

Cancellation Policy: Users may cancel their own reservations up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled start time. If you need to cancel after that, email or call Andrea or Jasmine as soon as possible.

Training: No charge for mandatory pre -training lecture. Hands-on training is $250 per session (no more than 2 people at once); this includes credit for the first three hours of unassisted use (unassisted sessions must take place within one month of hands-on training in order to qualify).

Special rate: An additional 50% discount will automatically be applied to extended sessions 12 hours or longer in duration.

Non-academic, external customers (excluding CHOP and Wistar researchers) are subject to an additional 62% surcharge on top of the above rates.


Scanning Electron Microscopy Rates

Service Description Fee
Sample Prep A Fixation, dehydration, chemical (HMDS) dry, set of 6 samples $200
Sample Prep B Mount & Au/Pd Sputter Coat, set of 6 samples $100
Sputter Coating Unassisted use of CDB sputter coater $25/run
Assisted Imaging Image acquisition on FEI Quanta 250 in EMRL $100/hour
Unassisted Imaging For trained users only; 50% discount for off-peak hours $50/hour

Contact Yuri Veklich for further information on sample requirements or other imaging options (e.g., CLEM)

Note: Non-academic, external customers (excluding CHOP and Wistar researchers) are subject to an additional 62% surcharge on top of the above rates.


Rules and Policies For All Core Users

Scheduler rules:  All light microscopy sessions must be reserved in advance using the Microscopy Core Scheduler.   Guidelines for reservations are:

  • Reserve only as much time as you think you will need. If you end up using more or less time than you reserved, notify a core staff member about your actual usage so they can modify your reservation accordingly. When possible cancel reservations you do not intend to use; if you're unable to cancel, notify a staff member and they will cancel for you. All microscopy use must be documented by the Microscopy Core Scheduler.
  • Advance reservations made on all laser-scanning confocals during peak hours are subject to a 4-hour maximum time limit. Users wishing to reserve a block of time longer than 4 hours long must have the difference (the amount greater than 4 hours) extend into off-peak hours.  Users are always welcome to extend their session on the day of their reservation if that time is still available.

Access Rules:

  • Only people who have been trained by a core staff member are authorized to use core microscopes. Current users are not allowed to train fellow lab members or give them access to the core's equipment.
  • Newly-trained users who do not use the confocal at all within 2 months of hands-on training will have their accounts suspended and will be required to schedule a refresher training session.
  • Accounts that are inactive for 6 months or more will be suspended. If this happens to you, you will be required to schedule a refresher training session with a core staff member before regaining access to the scheduler.

Publication Acknowledgements:

  • Please acknowledge the CDB Microscopy Core in any publications that include images or data acquired on one of our microscopes or prepared using one of the core's offline workstations. If a staff member spent time to help with experimental design or analysis of data, acknowledge that person by name in the standard Acknowledgements section.
  • Before submission make sure that your description of any core microscopes included in the Methods section of a paper is accurate.

Data Management

  • Users are responsible for backing up their own data; our core is not equipped to automatically back up data from acquisition systems.
  • Because our acquisition computers have a finite amount of space, core staff must periodically remove data older than 3 (three) months.  This will be done without warning, so users are encouraged to upload their new data at the end of each session.
  • Except in special cases (e.g., data is on the EVOS or there is a network outage), portable USB drives/flash drives/thumb drives are not allowed on acquisition computers. Users must upload data to a server or cloud storage such as Penn+Box, DropBox, or GoogleDrive, or to another University server that can be accessed from our system.


Offline Workstations

To pay for service maintenance fees and technical support, we charge users $5/hour to use our Imaris or Huygens workstations. Time on a workstation may be reserved using the Microscopy Core Scheduler.  As with our other microscopes, charges are based on the time recorded in the scheduler, so users should follow the same guidelines when reserving these computers as they do when reserving all other equipment in the core.


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