Department of Psychiatry

Penn Behavioral Health

Treatment Dissemination

The CTSA provides training in the use of Prolonged Exposure (PE) treatment for PTSD to mental health providers and organizations. 

Trainings include multiple stages.

In the first stage, up to 45 therapists are selected by the organization’s leadership to participate in a 4-day PE Intensive workshop.

In the second stage, therapists who complete the workshop can receive certification of PE therapists For additional information, click here: CTSA: PE Certification.

Third, Certified PE therapists who are recommended by their supervisor to become certified PE supervisors can receive supervisory certification after successfully completing a 5-day PE supervisor training workshop. 

For additional information click here: CTSA: PE Supervisor Certification.

  • The PE supervisors are then eligible to supervise therapists who participated in 4-day PE workshops conducted by a certified PE trainer recognized by the CTSA.   Upon their recommendation, these therapists will be certified by the CTSA as PE therapists.

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