Job Postings for the APAN Community

  1. Postdoctoral positions at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Neurobiology in systems and circuits neuroscience
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow Tübingen in Human Verbal Communication Lab (1October2023)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow UCSF (27September2023)
  4. Faculty Position in Brain and Behavior NYU (27September2023)
  5. EPL Investigator (30August2023)
  6. Assistant Professor: Communication Sciences & Disorders/Institute for Intelligent Systems (30October2022)
  7. Post-doctoral position at UC-Davis in NHP systems neuroscience (26October2022)
  8. Multiple positions at all levels at Rutgers (14Oct2022)
  9. Post-doctoral positions as part of International Newcastle-Iowa Collaboration (4October2022)
  10. Post-doctoral position at U Conn in auditory systems neuroscience (28September2022)
  11. Post-doctoral position in mouse in vivo physiology and behavior at UCSF (28September2022)
  12. Faculty positions at CMU in Psychology/Neuroscience (4August2022)
  13.  Open Positions in Chris Rodgers' Perception & Action Lab at Emory University (27June2022)
  14. Faculty jobs at CMU! Job 1 and Job 2
  15. Post-doctoral position in auditory cognitive neuroscience (6April2022)
  16. Positions available at all levels to study auditory and motor interactions in the Rodgers Perception & Action Lab at Emory University (27October2021)
  17. Post-doctoral positions in verbal communication at the University of Tübingen (26October2021)
  18. Post-doctoral position in auditory cognitive neuroscience at U Michigan (19Octbober2021)
  19. Post-doctoral positions in auditory cognitive neuroscience at the University of London (8October2021)
  20. Post-doctoral positions in non-human primate auditory electrophysiology at the University of Pittsburgh (21October2020)
  21. Post-doctoral positions in mouse in vivo physiology, in vitro physiology, and multisensory behavior (22October2020)
  22. UK postdoctoral worker in auditory cognition (23October2020)
  23. Job Opportunity: Hamilton Lab at The University of Texas at Austin (23October2020) 
  24. Postdoctoral positions in experimental/theoretical systems neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh (23October2020)
  25. Postdoc in auditory selective attention Pittsburgh (psychophysics/EEG/fMRI; Holt, Dick, Shinn-Cunningham and Tierney) (23 October2020)