CAMRIS requires all vaccinated and non-vaccinated subjects, caregivers and study staff to wear a mask while in our facilities. All are required to adhere to the University/HUP policies as they are updated accordingly.


The study staff is responsible for contacting their subject and filling in this form within 24 hours of the scheduled scan date. Link to form:


** Please note these documents will be updated periodically as the restrictions for research are lifted or modified. Be sure to check back regularly or contact CAMRIS with questions.



Established in 2002, CAMRIS continues to serve the University of Pennsylvania community. We also continue to respond to a rapidly growing MR Research environment. Internal Radiology Groups, outside researchers, and pharmaceutical companies have need to access Magnetic Resonance scanners and expertise of the MR department. The demand has become so great that a systematic, monitored, service-oriented approach is appropriate.


The overall mission of CAMRIS is to provide oversight in the responsible use and application of Magnetic Resonance in research through leadership, education, and guidance. These principles are manifested in the development of new research and collaborations inside and outside the Radiology Department which can translate into advanced clinical techniques; training in safe and efficient use of this investigative tool and dissemination of current, accurate and evolving MR Technology; scheduling upgrades of MR Systems and facilities; scheduling systems operations and personnel within the MR department; and receiving and acting on recommendations pertaining to the administration of CAMRIS Facilities.




Ronald Wolf, MD, PhD
CAMRIS Medical Director
Associate Professor of Radiology
Modality Chief, MRI Neuroradiology Department
Phone: 215-349-5184

Shannon Long, BA
Associate Director CAMRIS
Phone: 215-573-9765


Larry Dougherty, PhD
Research Associate Professor of Radiology/ CAMRIS Lead Physicist
Phone: 215-349-5274

Norman Butler, BSEE, RT,R,MR
CAMRIS Technical Director
Phone: 610-888-9366

Mark Elliott, PhD
CAMRIS High-Field Technical Consult (7T)
Phone: 215-898-9357

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