James McKay, PhD

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Selected Publications

McKay, J.R., Drapkin, M., Van Horn, D.H.A., Lynch, K.G., Oslin, D.W.,DePhilippis, D., Ivey, M., Cacciola, J.S. (2015).  Effect of patientchoice in an adaptive sequential randomization trial of treatment foralcohol and cocaine dependence.  Journal of Consulting and ClinicalPsychology, 83, 1021-1032.

McKay, J.R., Van Horn, D., Lynch, K.G., Ivey, M., Cary, M.S., Drapkin, M.,Coviello, D., & Plebani, J.G. (2013).  An adaptive approach foridentifying cocaine dependent patients who benefit from extendedcontinuing care. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 81,1063-1073. PMCID: PMC3938091

McKay, J.R., Van Horn, D., Oslin, D., Lynch, K.G., Ivey, M., Ward, K.,Drapkin, M., Becher, J., & Coviello, D. (2010).  A randomized trial ofextendedtelephone-based continuing care for alcohol dependence:  Within treatmentsubstance use outcomes.  Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,78, 912-923. PMCID: PMC3082847


Dr. James McKay is a Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania.  He is the Director of the Penn Center on the Continuum of Care in the Addictions, and the Director of the Philadelphia VA Center of Excellence in Substance Abuse Treatment and Education (CESATE).  Dr. McKay received a Ph.D. from Harvard University, and completed a clinical psychology internship at McLean Hospital and a postdoctoral fellowship in treatment outcome research at Brown University.  He is the recipient of K02 and K24 Awards from the NIDA, as well numerous research grants from NIDA and NIAAA, including a P01 Center on Adaptive Treatment for Alcoholism.  Dr. McKay is the author or coauthor of over 165 peer reviewed journal articles, 22 book chapters, and two books.  His work has included evaluations of continuing care treatments for alcohol and cocaine use disorders, development of adaptive interventions for substance use disorders, and the identification of factors over time that predict relapse following substance abuse treatment. He has been a member of two standing NIH grant review committees, and is a fellow of Division 50 of the APA.  Dr. McKay’s current research efforts are focused on the development and evaluation of adaptive approaches to the management of addiction and the use of mobile health technology to augment and extend treatment interventions.

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