Clinical Trials Network Division

Clinical Trials

Currently, the Clinical Trials Network Division is conducting two studies:

  1. Testing the effectiveness of treating adolescents with ADHD and a substance use disorder with Concerta to see if it improves the substance use as well as ADHD.  Patients who have a substance use problem and might have ADHD should call Rehab After Work at 610-664-6464.
  2. Comparing liver enzyme changes in patients being treated with buprenorphine vs methadone to see if there is any evidence that buprenorphine is associated with liver damage. Patients seeking outpatient treatment for opioid dependence should call NETSteps at 215-596-8000.

Or, patients can call either Dr. George Woody, Charlotte Royer-Malvestuto, Sabrina Poole or Ed Weiss.  They can all be reached at 215-399-0980.

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