Philanthropic support is used directly to catalyze innovative research and advance key educational initiatives

Despite the importance, on-going public need,  and our high-quality track record, funding for ongoing research and improvement in care can be difficult to secure due to the continued reduction of support from government and industry sources. Funding from generous philanthropic donors is used directly to bridge these funding gaps and allows us to continue to focus on advancing the field through the development of novel techniques and treatment strategies that can be rapidly implemented into clinical practice to benefit our patients right now. 

​Join Us! 

Your generosity does make a difference. Become a part of a robust network of supporters and advocates who are generously giving towards the Penn EP Program. You can create your own fund or contribute to the Mark Marchlinski EP Research and Education Fund, established by Dr. Frank Marchlinski and named in honor of his brother.

Make a direct donation to the Mark Marchlinski EP fund

​You can also contact our Development Office to learn more about supporting Penn Cardiac Electrophysiology:

​Allyse C. Orsini