Reappointment of Frances Jensen, MD, FACP, as Chair of the Department of Neurology

May 10, 2018

To:Penn Medicine Faculty, Students and Staff

From:J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD
Ralph W. Muller
Peter D. Quinn, DMD, MD

We are pleased to announce the reappointment of Dr. Frances Jensen for a second six-year term as Chair of the Department of Neurology. This reappointment follows a review process that included an extensive self-study, followed by an internal committee review and an external review by three leaders in the neurology field. This process affirmed that, under Dr. Jensen’s leadership, the Department of Neurology has thrived, with robust clinical activity, excellent research programs, and highly competitive educational programs.

Under Dr. Jensen’s leadership the Department of Neurology is excelling in all missions.  The Department provides exceptional patient care, with increased access and improved patient satisfaction. The size of the faculty and neurological clinical services have expanded significantly, including new flagship programs and enhancements across the Health System.  The Department’s research programs were also highly praised in the review, highlighting several high impact faculty recruits and substantial growth in sponsored research and impact over the past 5 years. The Department’s UME offerings are robust and the neurology clerkship has routinely been ranked by students as one of our best. The GME program, the second largest in the country, is highly competitive, with at least one third of residents who match being MD-PhD students.

We look forward to working with Dr. Jensen during her second term as Chair to foster continued progress and innovation in the Department, and ask that you join us in congratulating her on her reappointment.