Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD, Leave of Absence as Chair of Medical Ethics & Health Policy

May 29, 2019

To:Perelman School of Medicine Faculty & Staff

From:J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD

I am writing to share the news that Zeke Emanuel will be taking a one-year leave of absence from his position as Chair of Medical Ethics and Health Policy in the Perelman School of Medicine, effective July 1, 2019, to focus on several exciting new initiatives.

Zeke will continue to serve as the Diane v.S. and Robert M. Levy PIK Professor, and as Vice-Provost for Global Initiatives, two key areas of focus which are closely aligned with the new work he’ll be taking on.  He will also continue to teach his regular courses and direct the Department’s on-line education efforts including the Master’s in Healthcare Innovation.

During his leave of absence from his chair role, Zeke will work with colleagues to launch the Health Transformation Institute (HTI) in the department, a new initiative aimed at increasing the value of the U.S. healthcare system through new innovations designed to improve quality, affordability and the patient experience.

Zeke will also be taking on a role as Senior Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization, an opportunity in which he will provide direction for the organization’s Universal Health Care initiative, particularly in the areas of screening and care for cancer in low-income countries and its medical ethics program. He will also help devise strategy for the WHO Academy, a training initiative for 10 million public health professionals across the globe.

Steve Joffe, MD, MPH will be assuming the role of Acting Chair of Medical Ethics & Health Policy during the leave of absence.  On behalf of Dr. Emanuel and the department, I would like to thank Steve for taking on these interim responsibilities.