Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Grishchuk Lab

Welcome to the Grishchuk Lab

Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms that produce force and accuracy for mitotic chromosome motions during cell division. We use biophysical, cell biological and computational approaches to study kinetochore proteins, which function as efficient nanomachines: they can capture the energy from microtubule disassembly and provide lasting attachments between the chromosomes and dynamic microtubule ends. There are no man-made or natural macro-devices that function analogously to these couplers, so understanding their principle mechanisms presents a significant challenge. Rigorous understanding of how microtubules attach to chromosomal kinetochores should ultimately assist developing novel and more specific anticancer drugs.

Current and past support for our work comes from

National Science Foundation
Charles E. Kaufman Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation
National Institutes of General Medical Sciences, NIH
The Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research
The American Cancer Society
Pennsylvania Muscle Institute
Nano-Bio Interface Center, University of Pennsylvania
McCabe Fund, University of Pennsylvania

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