Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program part of DHS or CUA? 

PHIICAPS is a community-based program offered through Hall-Mercer Community Behavioral Health Center. PHIICAPS clinicians are not employed by DHS or CUA, although they may coordinate with these service providers to connect families with resources.

How much does this program cost? 

The PHIICAPS program is no cost to families with Philadelphia CBH Medicaid insurance.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes! A service provider can recommend a child/adolescent and their family to the program, and participation is 100% voluntary. 

Does this program provide housing, transportation, or other case management resources? 

PHIICAPS does not provide housing or rental assistance. Transportation for treatment purposes and other case management resources are provided on a case-by-case basis.

Does this program provide medication management? 

PHIICAPS does provide medication management for the child/adolescent receiving services through one of the Hall Mercer psychiatrists. Medication management is defined as  prescribing and monitoring of medications to treat mental health symptoms. It is not required, but strongly recommended that the child/adolescent meets with the psychiatrist on a regular basis.

Myself or someone I know is interested in this program. How do I sign up? 

For more information, see the page: How To Make  A Referral

If you are interested in family based services such as PHIICAPS, speak with your child’s psychiatrist or psychologist and ask them to make a referral to Family Based Services (FBS) or call Community Behavioral Health (CBH) to inquire about these services at (215) 413-3100. 

If the child/adolescent is not currently receiving mental health services, please call CBH member services to be connected to a provider for an intake and evaluation for Family Based Services (FBS). 

If you are a clinician, medical professional or other service provider for the family, please complete a CBH referral form and submit to CBH. This form needs to be completed with family consent and a psychiatrist or psychologist must evaluate the children for medical necessity. CBH will notify the referring agency of the outcome.

How often do we meet with our team? 

The PHIICAPS program is an intensive outpatient program that involves meeting with clinicians three times per week: One family session, one individual therapy session with the child/adolescent, and one caregiver session. Families will be expected to set aside time each week for family therapy sessions, individual parent sessions, and individual child/adolescent sessions. Meetings will take place in the home, in the community and in the school setting. This may sounds overwhelming, but we believe in collaboration with the child/adolescent's caregivers and want to support the family as much as possible during difficult times. 

Do all the children in the family receive services?

PHIICAPS is intended to be a treatment program for one specific child/adolescent in the home with family participation and involvement. Individual therapy sessions will be provided to the child/adolescent, and their parent/caregiver. Family therapy is also an essential part of treatment, and we welcome anyone who is part of the family, even if not related by blood. We can support other children or members of the family in getting connected to services that would benefit them if interested. 






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