CAB Mission

RAP (Raising Awareness of Public Health) Community Advisory Board is the name given to the CAB who represents the University of Pennsylvania, Center for Studies of Addiction, HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Division. Our research projects enroll human subjects who are at high risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseased due to their substance use and/or sexual behaviors. The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research RAP CAB is committed to developing and studying interventions that can feasibly be integrated into the lives of those most at risk for becoming infected with HIV and other blood borne and sexually transmitted infections.

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research RAP Community Advisory Board (CAB) was established in 1993. The CAB membership is comprised of people who are familiar with substance use and HIV/AIDS. CAB members have either personally confronted these issues or are professionals in the substance use or HIV treatment fields.

The RAP CAB’s mission is to function as an ongoing forum for community concerns and to monitor HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Division’s research studies insuring that the research projects are not harmful or offensive to the participants who enroll in the studies or to the community at large. The CAB is a bridge to the communities affected by the research. The success of the RAP CAB’s mission is depends upon active participation by the communities involved in the studies. Including community members at all levels of the research process helps to build trust and mutual understanding of research issues and insures that values and cultural differences among participants are respected.

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