How to Join the CAB

A complete Board is comprised of twenty (20) community members, one Community Member functions as the Community Co-Chair, one (1) UPENN Research staff Co-Chair, one (1) UPENN Research staff CAB Coordinator.

Initially CAB members were recruited from Community Based Organizations, Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs, and Project RAP Research Participants. Currently the CAB insures that new members are recruited from the communities that reflect the populations of focus of the research.

The mechanism for becoming a CAB member is to regularly attend the monthly CAB meetings as a “guest”. Guests may participate in discussions but DO NOT have voting privileges. When a vacancy occurs on the CAB Board, a CAB member can nominate someone who has been a consistent attendee as a guest.

To remain a CAB member in good standing you CANNOT miss more than three (3) unexcused meetings within a six-month period. CAB members should contact the CAB coordinator or the Membership Committee Chairperson at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled CAB meeting if they cannot attend the meeting or if they plan to bring a guest. CAB members missing a meeting due to an emergency or medical issue the member is expected to contact the Membership Committee Chairperson or the CAB Coordinator prior to the next CAB meeting.

Vacancies on the CAB are filled following this procedure:

  1. The CAB Board will identify the expertise and/or population lacking representation on the Board
  2. The Membership/Recruitment Committee will identify prospective people meeting the requirements to fill the vacant position(s)
  3. The Membership/Recruitment committee will invite the prospective candidate(s) to a CAB meeting to meet the present CAB and determine if they can commit to the expectations of a CAB member

The CAB vote on the candidates and if elected the CAB Secretary will send a letter of acceptance to attend the next CAB meeting.

All new CAB members will participate in NEW CAB MEMBER orientation training.

All CAB members must actively participate on one or more CAB subcommittees.

Contact Information

CAB Liaison: Annet Davis-Vogel

Mailing Address: 
University of Pennsylvania
HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Division
RAP Community Advisory Board
3535 Market Street, 4th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19104-3309

Phone: (215) 746-7357
Fax: (215) 746-7377

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