The Consultation

Due to COVID-19 protocols and in an effort to mitigate virus propagation by decreasing travel and onsite operations, we are offering comprehensive consultations Onsite and via telemedicine.


ONSITE evaluations are generally a half-day evaluation at our site which lasts approximately 4  hours.  This consists of a clinical interview with an Attending Psychiatrist and a computerized personality test.  We also build a break into that time estimate. The computerized test lasts 1-2 hours and generates a report analyzed by the doctors. The clinical interview can be up to three hours. The doctor will review any inpatient or outpatient records you wanted to have sent to us ahead time and the scales and forms completed by you. The Psychiatrist will meet with any friends or family members that you wanted to bring with you the consultation (currently limit to one person due to COVID-19 mitigation protocols). Though it is not required to bring someone with you on the day of the evaluation, family members are both welcomed and encouraged to participate in the consultation process. 


TELEMEDICE evaluations are done via BlueJeans, a HIPPA secure video/audio platform approved by the University of Pennsylvania and used throughout our health system to deliver patient care via telemedicine. They are generally more efficient time wise but can also last up to 4 hours so it is recommended to allocate half a day for the evaluation.  This consists of a clinical interview with an Attending Psychiatrist. It has the same components than an onsite evaluation including time for record review by the doctor but without the computerized personality test. You are welcome to have someone with you during the telemedicine session as long as you approved the presence of that person and if you consider their presence and input important to increase the quality of the consultation.

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