Other Vasculitis Studies

If you are interested in any of our research studies, please contact our research group at 215-614-4417 or email us at rheumatologyresearch@uphs.upenn.edu.

Study Name

Medication Involved

Disease Studied

Currently Enrolling

Nasal Microbiome in ANCA Associated Vasculitis and Relapsing Polychondritis (NMB) NO GPA, MPA, EGPA, & RP YES (EGPA & RP)
A Randomized Multicenter Study for Isolated Skin Vasculitis (ARAMIS) YES Cutaneous small/medium vessel vasculitis, cPAN, or IgA vasculitis YES
Clinical Transcriptomics in Systemic Vasculitis (CUTIS) NO GPA, MPA, EGPA, PAN, IgAV, cryoglobulinemic, drug-induced, isolated cutaneous small vessel vasculitis, urticarial YES
Tissue Repository Collection Protocol NO GPA, MPA, EGPA, GCA, Takayasu's arteritis, PAN, cutaneous vasculitis YES
VCRC Relapsing Polychondritis (RP) Longitudinal Cohort NO RP YES
VCRC Longitudinal Study of Central Nervous System Vasculitis (CNSV) NO Central Nervous System Vasculitis (CNS-Vasculitis) YES