TV Seminar 2023-2024

Held the third Friday of every month in BRB 701 at noon. Two trainees present their research findings each month. The 2023 - 2024 schedule is as follows
September 15 ► Speakers
June Yang, from Dr. J. You lab
Title"Characterization of the molecular mechanisms driving Merkel cell polyomavirus oncogene transcription and tumorigenic potential".
Dipayan Bose, from Dr. E. Robertson Lab, presents “KSHV encoded LANA bypasses transcriptional block through stabilization of RNA Pol II in hypoxia".
October  20   ► Speakers

Timothy Lippert, from Dr. R. Greenberg lab
Title"NLRP9 inflammasomes drive HR-deficient tumor growth and immune suppression".

tim lippert
tim lippert
November 17  ► Speakers
Malay Sannigrahi, from Dr. D. Basu lab
Title"Mechanistic insights into regulation of PGC-1α/ERRα pathway by E6 oncoprotein in HPV16+ve OPSCCs".
Amulya Sreekumar, from Dr. L. Chodosh lab
Title: "The role of proteoglycan biosynthesis in breast cancer dormancy".
December 15  ► Speakers
William Blakely, from Dr. E. White lab
Leonardo Castro Muñoz,  from Dr. P. Lieberman lab
January 19  ► Speakers
Namrata Kumar, from Dr. M. Weitzman lab
Taylor Senay, from Dr. J. You lab
February 16  ► Speakers
Devivasha Bordoloi, from Dr. D. Weiner lab
Amy Gladstein, from Dr. D. Feldser lab
March 15  ► Speakers
Ryan O'Connell, from Dr. D. Weiner lab
Jacinta Davis, form Dr. A. Tikhonenko lab
April 19  ► Speakers
James Regan, from Dr. J. You lab
Alex Price, from Dr. A. Price lab
May 17  ► Speakers
Pushkal Ramesh, from Dr. E. White lab
Ahmed Diab, from Dr. A. Diab lab