Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Robertson Lab

TV Seminar 2022-2023

– held the third Friday of every month in BRB 701 at noon. Two trainees present their research findings each month.
The 2022 - 2023 schedule is as follows

September 16th 
Speakers   ♦   June Yang, Dr. J. You lab
       Title: "Determining the cellular factors regulating Merkel cell polyomavirus transcription".
  ♦   Dipayan Bose, Dr. E. Robertson Lab 
       Title: "KSHV mediated protection of cellular RNA Polymerase II during hypoxia" 
October 21st  
Speakers   ♦   Alex Price, Dr. M. Weitzman Lab
       Title: "Novel viral open reading frames revealed by long-read direct RNA sequencing of
       adenovirus transcripts"
  ♦   Wei Liu, Dr J. You Lab  
November 18th 
Speakers   ♦   Joangela Nouel, Dr. E. White Lab
       Title: “ZER1 contributes to the carcinogenic activity of high-risk HPV E7 proteins”.
  ♦   Luke Izzo, Dr. K. Wellen Lab
       Title: "The carnitine shuttle links mitochondrial metabolism to histone modification and
       lipogenesis in cancer".
December 16th 
Speakers   ♦   Chenhe Su, Dr. P. Lieberman Lab 
Title: "Increased Lytic Activity and Inflammation in Spontaneous Lymphoblastoid Cell
        Lines derived from MS Patients".
  ♦   Timothy Lippert, Dr. R. Greenberg Lab
       Title: "NLRP9 mediates DNA damage-driven inflammasome activation in HRD HGSOC". 
January 20th
Speakers   ♦   Malay Sannigrahi, Dr. D. Basu Lab
       Title: "Analysis of targetable gene dependencies identifies PAK2 as a novel target in
       HPV-negative head and neck squamous cell carcinomas".
  ♦   Amulya Sreekumar, Dr. L. Chodosh Lab 
February 17th
Speakers   ♦   William Blakely, Dr. E. White Lab
       Title: "HPV18 E7 activates oncoprotein YAP1 by promoting PTPN14 degradation".  
  ♦   Yang Mei, Dr. P. Liebeman Lab
March 17th 
Speakers   ♦   Leonardo Castro Muñoz, Dr. P. Lieberman Lab
       Title: "Histone Variants and Histone Modifications 
Regulating Epstein–Barr virus Latency".
  ♦   Namrata Kumar , Dr. M. Weitzman Lab 
       Title: "Herpes simplex virus manipulates cellular DNA repair pathways for productive
April 21st
Speakers   ♦   Taylor Senay, Dr. J. You Lab
“Determining the Role of MCPyV ALTO in Modulating Host Immunity”.
  ♦   Devivasha Bordoloi, Dr. D. Weiner Lab
       Title: "Novel Siglec-7 biologics for targeted cancer immunotherapy”.
May 19th 
Speakers   ♦   Amy Gladstein, Dr D. Feldser Lab
       Title: “The tumor suppressive role(s) of Setd2 in lung cancer”.

  ♦   Ryan O'Connell, Dr. D. Weiner Lab   
       Title: "Development of novel bispecific T cell engagers for the immune targeting of carbonic
       anhydrase 9 in renal cell carcinoma".