Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Robertson Lab

TV Seminar 2016-2017

Control inte+Dapi

Tumor Virology Seminar Meeting

– held the third Friday of every month in BRB 301 at noon. Two trainees present their research findings each month.

September 16th 
Speaker:   ♦  Steve Zhao, Kate Wellen Lab
Title: “ATP-citrate lyase controls a glucose to acetate metabolic switch”                                    
Speaker:   ♦  Dongcheng Lui, Y. Yuan Lab
      Title: “KSHV K8: a novel RNA-binding protein”
October 21st  
Speaker:   ♦  Karl Zahn PhD,  Greenberg Lab
      Title: “RAD51-independent Mechanisms of Break-induced Telomere Synthesis”
Speaker:   ♦  Jason LaMontagne PhD, P. Lieberman Lab
      Title: "Generating a conditional EBNA1 expression system"
November 18th 
Speaker:   ♦  Kate Stokes, A. Feldser Lab
      Title: “p53-Mediated ​Tumor Immune Surveillance”. 
Speaker:   ♦  Sarah Elliot, D. Weiner Lab  
      Title: "Delivering Plasmid DNA-Encoded anti-IL-6 Monoclonal Antibodies for Protection against
      Viral Pathology” 
December 16th 
Speaker:   ♦   Wei Liu, J. You Lab
       Title: "Merkel cell polyomavirus infection and Merkel cell carcinoma"
January 20th
Speaker:   ♦  Alessandra De Leo,  P. Lieberman Lab
      Title: "BET-Inhibitors Disrupt Rad21-Dependent Conformational Control of KSHV Latency"
Speaker:   ♦  Rajnish Singh, E. Robertson Lab
      Title: "Hypoxic regulation of Kaposi's sarcoma associated Herpes virus Replication".
February 17th
Speaker:   ♦  Tong Wang,  Y. Yuan Lab
      Title: "Hypoxic regulation of Kaposi's sarcoma associated Herpes virus Replication".
Speaker:   ♦  Yonggang Pei, E. Robertson  Lab
      Title: "APE1 Redox Function is critical for KSHV replication and pathogenic phenotypes and
      Identification of a Novel APE1 Redox Inhibitor".
March 17th 
Speaker:   ♦  Sagarika Banerjee, E. Robertson Lab
      Title: “Role of novel small ncRNAs of Epstein Barr virus induced during lytic reactivation.”
Speaker:   ♦  Karl Zahn, Greenberg Lab
      Title: "My title: Rad51D mediates ALT telomere recombination".
April 20th
Speaker:   ♦  Ranran Wang, J You Lab
      Title: "Bromodomain-containing Protein 4 is Hyper-phosphorylated in Nut Midline Carcinoma".
Speaker:   ♦  Elizabeth Gillespie,  A. Thomas-Tikhonenko Lab
      Title: "The role of CD22 splice variants in B Cell Receptor (BCR) Signaling".
May 19th 
Speaker:   ♦  Fang Lu, P. Lieberman Lab
Speaker:   ♦  Steve Zhao, K. Wellen Lab
June 16th 
Speaker:   ♦  Kate Stokes, A. Feldser Lab