Purchasing Card

Purchase orders are preferred over the use of the purchasing card. Please first see if the purchase can be conducted through a purchase order, either by checking the Penn Marketplace or using the Penn Supplier Search Index to determine if a supplier accepts POs. Please also check the commodity matrix to determine if a purchase is allowable on the purchasing card.

Purchases with the purchasing card may require additional approval from Penn Procurement. Additionally, we cannot pay sales tax on the purchasing card, so the vendor will need to recognize the University's tax exemption status before the purchase can be made. Because of these additional steps, a purchasing card order will often not be completed the same day you submit your request. Please plan ahead.

The business office has an Amazon Business account that can be used for Amazon orders and provides free shipping and sales tax exemption.

To request the use of the purchasing card, please sent Michelle Ludwig :

  • A completed ProCard Justification form. Every part of the form must be filled out
  • A link to the item to be purchased, as well as any other relevant details for the purchase, including shipping location
  • The log-in details for the account the purchase must be made on, if applicable

After your purchasing card purchase has been completed, please send any receipts you receive to Kristina Mortiz.