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Olga Tkachenko

Olga Tkachenko

Olga Tkachenko is a graduate student in Clinical Psychology, working primarily with Dr. David Dinges in the Unit for Experimental Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. She received her A.B. in Psychology at Harvard University in 2012. She is presently investigating the effects of total sleep deprivation, as well as chronic partial sleep restriction, on cognition and underlying neurocircuitry, examining possible predictors of individual vulnerability to performance decrements induced by sleep loss.  She is also interested in how much sleep, if any, is sufficient to return cognitive function to baseline levels after total or chronic partial sleep deprivation. 

Research Interests:

Sleep restriction, cognition, neuroimaging, recovery sleep


Cui, J., Tkachenko, O., Gogel, H., Kipman, M., Preer, L.A., Weber, M., Divatia, S.C., Demers, L.A., Olson, E.A., Buchholz, J.L., Bark, J.S., Rosso, I.M., Rauch, S.L., Killgore, W.D.S. (2014). Microstructure of Frontoparietal Connections Predicts Individual Resistance to Sleep Deprivation. NeuroImage. 106, 123-133.

Tkachenko, O., Olson, E.A., Weber, M., Preer, L.A., Gogel, H., Killgore, W.D.S. (2014). Sleep Difficulties Are Associated with Elevated Symptoms of Psychopathology. Experimental Brain Research, 232(5), 1567-1574.

Preer, L.A., Tkachenko, O., Gogel H., Bark, J.S., Killgore, W.D.S. (2014). Personality Traits Associated with Sleep Initiation Problems. Journal of Sleep Disorders: Treatment & Care, 3(1), 18-45.

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