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Training and Education

Lectures & Courses

At present the only regular full semester course in sleep research and sleep medicine is offered by Dr. David Dinges. ** BBB 340. Human Chronobiology and Sleep. Prerequisite(s): BIBB 109 or Permission of Instructor. Topics to be covered include human Chronobiology, sleep and sleep disorders, circadian dysfunction and psychiatric disorders, rhythmic influences in human health, safety, aging, and the practical applications of human Chronobiology in health care.
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For a list of books and research articles that cover foundational knowledge in BSM, recommended by Drs. Perlis and Posner, click HERE.

Research Assistantships

For individuals interested is acquiring “hands on” experience with Behavioral Sleep Medicine Research, we offer part or full-time research assistantships. While these are generally volunteer positions, they provide a rich array of learning opportunities including (though not limited to): certification in human subjects research, participation in subject recruitment, subject interviewing, data management, hands on experience with sleep scoring and/or EEG power spectral analysis, participation in peer reviewing, and data archive analysis [and possible publications]. Especially gifted and hard working RAs are also provided the opportunity to lead small scale pilot studies.

3-day CBT-I training workshop

Two courses are given annually: A Basic Course (usually in October) and an Advanced Course (usually in April). These workshops are overseen by Michael Perlis PhD, Donn Posner PhD, and Jason Ellis PhD. Cost: $499-$699.                                             Note: cost varies slightly from year to year and accommodations can be made for group registrations.

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Telephone consultation

For individuals new to CBT-I, we recommend that you collaborate on your first 5-10 cases. To assist with this we suggest that such individuals consult a certified BSM clinician, in person or by telephone. Cost: Varies from consultant to consultant. The rule of thumb is 1-2x the value of a clinical hour. 
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Ongoing case review webinar

There will be a weekly BSM webinar run by either Dr. Gehrman or Dr. Findley that utilizes our video-conferencing facilities. Individuals can participate via internet and phone to ask questions about CBT-I and other aspects of BSM and take part in didactics. The webinar will be held on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00 PM (EST). Duration of participation in the group is open-ended but access is available in 6-month blocks. Cost: $250 for 6 months. The cost is set to cover the loss of time in clinic while providing consultation and training.
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