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Eateries, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in University City

LUNCH (in order of proximity)

Food trucks on Market Street
  • Walk directly out of the building and turn left. There are several food trucks on both sides of Market Street between 34th and 36th that offer sandwiches, fruit, Chinese food, and Mexican food
Chestnut Street
  • Walk directly out of the building and turn left. Cross Market Street, walk down 36th St. and turn right onto Chestnut St.
  • Pizza Rustica, WaWa, and Han-Wool (Korean) are right on the corner
Lancaster Ave.
  • Walk up 36th St. away from Market St. to Lancaster Ave.
  • Turn right onto Lancaster Ave. There is a 7-Eleven and a Subway on the corner of 34th St. and Lancaster Ave.
  • Turn left on Lancaster and Zocolo (Mexican) is on your left and Lemon Grass(Thai) is one block down on the left
Walnut Street
  • Walk directly out of the building and turn left. Cross Market Street and walk down 36th St. to Walnut St. (past Chestnut and Sansom)
  • Turn left onto Walnut St.
  • The Moravian Café’s Food Court, along with Dunkin’ Donuts, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and Starbucks, are located on Walnut St. between 36th and 34th St. The Morivian Cafe offers many choices including Bitar’s (Middle Eastern), Buckhead Deli, Famiglia Pizza, Gourmet Ice Cream, The Grillworks, Oriental Gourmet, Philly Steaks & Gyro, and Salad Creations.
  • En route to the Walnut St. eateries you will notice Cosi deli on your right on 36th St. between Sansom and Walnut.
  • If you turn right onto Walnut St. from 36th, you will find Cereality, which serves hot and cold cereals, smoothies, and yogurt parfaits

DINNER (options too time-consuming for lunch)

40th and Chestnut Streets
  • Walk down 36th St. to Chestnut and make a right.
  • Walk 4 blocks to 40th St. The block between 40th and 41st on Chestnut offers several moderately priced options: Pattaya Grill (Thai food), New Delhi (Indian buffet), Chili’s, Boston Market, etc.
40th Street
  • Walk down 36th St. and cross Walnut St. onto Penn’s campus
  • Turn right on the path where it says “Locust Walk” and walk through campus to where to path dead ends.
  • The block of 40th St. between Spruce and Walnut has many options: Ben & Jerry’s, The Greek Lady, Izzy & Zoe’s Deli, Qdoba (Mexican), Won’s (Chinese),The Marathon Grill, and Fresh Grocer (grocery store that sells delicious sandwiches and hot items).
Sansom Street
  • Walk down 36th St. past Chestnut and make a left onto Sansom St.
  • Sansom St. between 36th St. and 34th St. offers several moderate dining choices:Mad 4 Mex, La Terrace, White Dog Café, Bubble House, New Deck Tavern
  • Or, turn right onto Sansom St. from 36th and walk 1 block for Pod (a Steven Starr Restaurant offering Asian fusion)
Walnut Street
  • For a fancier option, turn right onto Walnut from 36th St. for Penne (restaurant at the Inn at Penn)

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