Mission, Objectives, & History

About Us

The Center for Evidence-based Practice is Penn Medicine’s premier resource for rigorous assessment, synthesis, and translation of evidence


Lead the integration of the best available evidence into institutional decision-making, in order to strengthen the quality, safety, and value of care for patients and populations


To accomplish this mission, CEP performs:

  • Rapid systematic reviews to inform institutional decision-making

  • Translates evidence into practice through clinical decision support interventions and clinical pathways

  • Provides education in evidence-based practice to trainees, staff, and faculty

CEP's History

CEP was established by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer to support the integration of the best available evidence into institutional decision-making in order to strengthen the quality and safety of individual-level patient care and optimize the value of care provided across the health system. Since its inception in 2006, CEP has completed over 420 evidence summaries to inform decision-making, integrated evidence into practice with more than 340 clinical PennPathways, and continues to provide education in evidence-based quality improvement to trainees, staff, and faculty.