The Center for Evidence-based Practice (CEP) partners with many Penn Medicine groups and centers, collaborating on high impact, system-wide initiatives. Partnerships expand beyond Penn Medicine as well, as we collaborate with national and international organizations promoting evidence-based practice. Learn more about some of our partners below.

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External Partnership


ECRI logo

In 2012, CEP joined with the ECRI EPC to form the ECRI-Penn Medicine EPC. Learn more about this partnership and review published reports on the ECRI-Penn Medicine Evidence-based Practice Center homepage. To date, the ECRI-Penn Medicine EPC has provided a variety of services, including evidence reports and assessments about medical technologies and health policy issues. Our team of experts has offered trusted guidance and consulting on new and emerging medical technologies, procedures, genetic tests, and clinical practice guidelines.



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CEP is one of 9 AHRQ EPCs, with designation since 2012. In this role, we collaborate and complete systematic reviews for stakeholders including the CDC, NIH and CMS. To learn more about topic nomination procedures or to search EPC reports, visit the AHRQ website. These reports may be used for informing and developing coverage decisions, quality measures, educational materials and tools, clinical practice guidelines, and research agendas.



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CEP has been a designated Cochrane U.S. Network affiliate center since 2019 when the network was established, serving as one of 16 founding Affiliate Centers. To learn more about the Cochrane US Network and its affiliate centers, click here. Or explore The Cochrane Library for published systematic reviews. The Cochrane US Network works to promote evidence-based decision making in medicine, public health, and healthcare in the US by producing high-quality systematic and evidence reviews, supporting and building capacity for systematic review authors, training current and potential users of Cochrane Reviews, and forging collaborative partnerships for policy and guidance.




The International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment database catalogs published reports from centers located around the world, including CEP. If you are external to Penn and looking to search CEP reports by title, use the search function via the HTA database. After searching CEP titles, you can submit a request for the full text using this request form

Internal Partnership


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The Penn Medicine Center for Applied Health Informatics (CAHI) brings together key groups across the health system to address high priority health care challenges. Their mission is to design and implement integrated health informatics solutions that advance high-priority health system outcomes.



IPA LogoThe Penn Medicine Infection Prevention Alliance (IPA) aims to create system-ness and alignment of work across all Penn Medicine entities. To access resources and strategies for the alliance, as well as Penn Medicine Team Goals (PMTG), explore the CEQI IPA website here. The site hosts content that outlines entity specific opportunities for improvement when attempting to reduce HAIs to meet high performance. CEP works in collaboration with the IPA helping to answer clinical questions and create decision making tools like Penn Pathways. CEP analysts attend monthly meetings and liaise with alliance leadership to ensure efforts are focused on high priority, high impact projects.