PennPathways FAQ

What content fits best in PennPathways?

  • Content that fits best in this tool is:
    • clinically-based (used to make decision at the point of care)
    • evidence-informed (based on recent evidence/guidance from the literature)
    • algorithmic (has multiple decisions points in a process)
    • pathways that present an opportunity to be embedded in PennChart
    • Pro-tip:  Orders, order sets, lab results, etc. make for some of the most successful content!

Who can request a PennPathway?

  • Anyone can submit requests for PennPathways. Submit a new request using our custom intake form here

Who should be involved in developing my PennPathway?

  • A crucial step in pathway development is establishing a multidisciplinary stakeholder group. Carefully consider if your stakeholder group should involve nursing, pharmacy, and a representative group of subject matter experts.  We can assist with this process if needed. 
  • Pro-tip: Identify a clinical owner early in the process. This person is responsible for pathway content, addressing questions as they arise, and updating content as needed. Pathway approvals are based on a pathway's content and scope. 

I'm interested in creating pathways for quality improvement project or evaluating the impact of an existing pathway, where do I start?

Can I make my own PennPathway?

  • Yes! Anyone can make a pathway. A specialist can help you design a pathway from start to finish OR request a one-on-one orientation to learn how to design pathways yourself. Submit your request using our custom intake form here.

Are there standard practices for making and designing PennPathways?

  • Ensuring that all pathways have a consistent look and feel is important for user learnability, experience, and satisfaction. To learn more about best practices for designing a pathway or to view an exemplar PennPathway, view our Best Practices for Pathway Design checklist.

Once my PennPathway is ready to post, what are next steps?

  • If you've already viewed our Best Practices for Pathway Design checklist and have your PennPathway ready to post, the next step is to complete our 10 Questions to Post a Pathway questionnaire.

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