PennPathways is Transitioning to AgileMD!

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With this new tool, you'll have access to all the current Penn-approved clinical guidance, but with an improved look and more functionality available in PennChart.

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What is PennPathways?

CEP LogoOur mission is to lead the integration of best evidence into decision-making to strengthen the quality, safety, and value of care by translating evidence into practice through clinical decision-support interventions and clinical pathways. The PennPathways program offers evidence-based clinical pathway development support, implementation support, and EMR decision support tools approved for use specifically in the Penn Medicine environment.
For more information about PennPathways and for an introduction to our new tool, AgileMD, see our Communications Slide Deck here. For questions, please contact Emilia Flores, PennPathways Program Manager.

How Can I Access PennPathways Content?

The PennPathways program recently made an exciting transition to a new tool, AgileMD, to support PennPathways development, dissemination, implementation, and evaluation. PennPathways users have access to all of the same great content but with an improved look and more functionality. The change is effective June 30th, 2023. 
There are THREE Ways to Access and Use PennPathways:
1. UPHS & Entity Intranets Find PennPathways from the Systems menu or the What's Hot section of the UPHS Intranet homepage.

UPHS Intranet

2. PennChart
Select UPHS Links >> Algorithms >> PennPathways. Existing links in orders, lab results, etc.

PennChart Access

ALL PennPathways are viewable from PennChart via the Pathways tab. 

PennChart Tab Access

SELECT PennPathways are deeply integrated into PennChart. Deep Integration allows users to place orders from the pathway, review lab results from the pathway decision-making, and write data to flowsheets.

PennChart Deep Integration

3. SCiP Phones
All shared iPhones/SCiP will have a shortcut to AgileMD as of June 29th, 2023.


How Do I Submit a Request for a PennPathways?

  • Know of an opportunity to reduce unnecessary variation or make care more evidence-based? Anyone can submit requests for PennPathways, just use our custom intake form and select Option 2 - PennPathways Request for evidence-based algorithms and associated supporting documentation
  • For more information on best practices or what content best fits into this tool, see our PennPathways FAQ page for more information.
  • Submit a new request using our custom intake form here!


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