CEP Team @ 3600

The faculty and staff of CEP include clinicians, nurses, administrators, librarians, research analysts, health economists, and a biostatistician. Our multidisciplinary team is well integrated throughout UPHS and within the University setting; the team strategically attends P&T committees, CEQI committees, hospital alliances, technology committees, and more. We also collaborate worldwide with affiliate EPCs through partnerships with Cochrane and AHRQ. Get to know more about our team and their expertise below!

CEP Team

  • Ryan Greysen, MD

    Ryan Greysen, MD

    Executive Director
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  • Nikhil Mull, MD

    Nikhil Mull, MD

    Medical Director
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  • Rachael Rider, MHA

    Rachael Rider, MHA

    Program Coordinator
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  • Matthew Mitchell, PhD

    Matthew Mitchell, PhD

    Senior Research Analyst
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  • Brian Leas, MS, MA

    Brian Leas, MS, MA

    Senior Research Analyst
  • Julie Fricke, PhD

    Julie Fricke, PhD

    Research Analyst
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  • Emilia Flores, PhD, RN

    Emilia Flores, PhD, RN

    Associate Director, Knowledge Translation and Implementation, PennPathways Program
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  • Shazia Siddique, MD, MSHP

    Shazia Siddique, MD, MSHP

    Associate Director for Scientific Research
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  • Brian S. Li

    Brian S. Li

    Research Analyst Intern

Clinical Liaisons

  • Joel Betesh, MD, FACP

    Joel Betesh, MD, FACP

    Medical Director of Clinical Informatics - PAH and CCA Liaison
  • David R. Goldman MD, FACP

    David R. Goldman MD, FACP

    Emeritus Associate Professor of Medicine - CPUP Primary Care Liaison
  • Sara Holland, DNP, RN

    Sara Holland, DNP, RN

    Director of Clinical Quality CEQI, Liaison
  • Jesse Raiten, MD

    Jesse Raiten, MD

    Anesthesia and Critical Care - PPMC Liaison
  • Christian Burchill, RN

    Christian Burchill, RN

    Director of Nursing Research and Science - LGH Liaison
  • Rebecca Clark, RN

    Rebecca Clark, RN

    Nurse Scientist - PAH Liaison
  • Robin M. Hermann MSN, RN, CCRP

    Robin M. Hermann MSN, RN, CCRP

    Associate Director, Abramson Family Center for Nursing Excellence Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - HUP Liaison
  • Rebecca L. Trotta, PhD, RN

    Rebecca L. Trotta, PhD, RN

    Director, Nursing Research and Science Director, Geriatric Nursing Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - HUP Liaison

Biomedical Librarians

  • Sherry Morgan, PhD, MLS, RN

    Sherry Morgan, PhD, MLS, RN

    Biomedical Library School of Nursing Liaison
  • Maylene Qiu, MA

    Maylene Qiu, MA

    Biomedical Library School of Medicine Liaison


  • Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD

    Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD

    Associate Professor of Medicine Director, CEP Economic Evaluations Unit
  • Michael Harhay, PhD, MPH

    Michael Harhay, PhD, MPH

    Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Assistant Professor of Medicine, PSOM
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