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Paul Rozin

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Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Professor for Faculty Excellence, University of Pennsylvania

Contact information
Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
3815 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6196
Office: 215-898-7632
Fax: 215-898-1982
University of Chicago, 1956.
PhD (Biology and Psychology)
Harvard University, 1961.
MA (Psychology)
Harvard University, 1961.
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Selected Publications

Rozin, P., Fischler, C., & Shields-Argeles, C: Euro-American perspectives on the meaning of natural.

Rozin, P., Rosenstein, A., & Fischler, C.: Broad themes of difference between French and Americans in attitudes to food and pleasure: Individualized vs collective values, abundance vs moderation, quantity versus quality, and comforts versus joys.

Rozin, P., Hormes, J. M., & Faith, M: Evidence for a relationship between meat and maleness.

Rozin, P., Berman, L., & Royzman, E. B. : Negativity and positivity biases across 17 natural languages.

Geier, A., & Rozin, P: Univariate and Default Unit Biases in Estimation: Judgments of Weight and Caloric Content

Hejmadi, A., Rozin, P., & Davidson, R. : Emotion in motion: Recognition of dynamic traditional Hindu face, body and hands emotional expressions by Americans and Hindu Indians

Rozin, P., & Stellar, J. : Posthumous events affect rated quality and happiness of lives.

Rozin, P: Specific habituation to disgust/death elicitors as a result of dissecting a cadaver. Judgment and Decision Making 3: 191-194, 2008.

Cohen, A. B., Hill, P. C., Shariff, A. F., & Rozin, P.: Furthering the evolution of discussion on religion: Multi-method study, universality, and cultural variation. The evolution of religion: Studies, theories, and critiques J. Bulbulia, R. Sosis, C. Genet, R. Genet, E. Harris, & K. Wyman (eds.). San Francisco: Collins Foundation Press, Page: 311-317, 2008.

Rozin, P., & Wolf, S: Attachment to National and Sacred Land and its relation to personal land attachment and contagion. Judgment and Decision Making 3: 325-334, 2008.

Geier, A., & Rozin, P. : Weighing discomfort in college age American females: incidence and causes. Appetite 51: 173-177, 2008.

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