Mission & Vision


At the clinical level, we have worked closely with the University of Pennsylvania Sleep Center and the Department of Psychiatry to establish a BSM service that provides not only the highest standard of care for Insomnia (both with cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia, CBT-I, and/or Pharmacotherapy) but also provides for a full spectrum of non-pharmacologic interventions for most of the intrinsic sleep disorders.


At the educational level, we have a variety of free-standing education activities including:

  • Research assistantships for undergraduates and post baccalaureates
  • Our on-going grant seminar for Post Docs
  • Frequent intramural BSM lectures within the medical school
  • Fellowship and mini-fellowship program
  • Our annual 3 day CBT-I seminar
  • Clinical practice individual and group peer supervision offerings


At the research level, it is our continuing plan to expand our research program so that our very narrow focus/scope (insomnia) will be balanced by a profound depth of field (spanning from bench to bedside). We hope to accomplish this by not only establishing collaborations with other prominent Behavioral Sleep Medicine programs (See collaborators page) but also by reaching out to programs across a wide range of disciplines, both within the university and nationally, so that our complimentary interests and skills can serve as a strong platform for novel investigations.

For pictures of our faculty, staff, and recent events click here.

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