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Questions under investigation:

  • Can clinical gains with Zolpidem be sustained by partial reinforcement?
    PI: Perlis; Funded by NIH/NCCAM
  • Which Insomnia related correlate best accounts for insomnia severity: Attention Bias, Cortical Arousal, Dysfunctional Thinking, or Somatic Arousal?
    Co-PI: MP; Co-PI: Colin Espie; Funded by NIH/NIMH
  • Do the transitions between good sleep, acute insomnia, and chronic insomnia have predictable mediators/moderators?
    PI: Perlis; Funded by NH/NIA
  • Does CBT-I, with or without modafinil, in patients with insomnia co-morbid with OSA improve sleep continuity and lead to better adherence with CBT-I? Does improved sleep continuity lead to better adherence with Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for OSA?
    PI: Perlis; Funded by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, LTD.
  • Does completed suicide occur with a peak frequency at night?
    PI: Perlis (Collaborators: Grandner, G. Brown, M. Basner, S. Chakravorty, D. Dinges, M. Thase, Chaudhary, and P. Gehrman. In submission with AFSP.
  • Do patients with Insomnia exhibit an attenuation of the normal mesograde amnesia of sleep? Does this also exist as a main effect or as an interaction with again?
    PI: Perlis; In submission with NIH/ NIA
  • Does insomnia affect reproductive capacity?
    Co-PI: Perlis; Co-PI: Jackie Kloss, PhD. In Submission with NIH/NICHD.
  • How does sleep disturbance develop across pre-, during, and postpartum pregnancy?
    Co-PI: Perlis; Co-PI: Jackie Kloss, PhD. In submission with NIH/NICHD.

Pilot Studies


  • An exploratory study assessing whether insomnia negatively influences reproductive capacity. 
  • A pilot study on auditory sensory acuity in patients with insomnia
  • A pilot study re: the attenuation of the normal mesograde amnesia of sleep in insomnia


  • A clinical case-series study exploration of CBT-I outcomes and the effects of treatment on non-sleep measures.


  • A study assessing the effects of CPAP (vs. sham CPAP) on insomnia in the context of SDB.

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