Research Billing in PennChart

This page provides information related to the financial management of an active clinical research study.  Please contact OCR Finance with any questions or request for assistance related to the financial management of your study.


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Requesting a Research Billing Number (RBN)

The process of creating a study record in PennChart begins with a study team member submitting a request for a Research Billing Number (RBN) in the Research Billing Application (RBA). In order to create the RBN, OCR Finance will need the following:

  • An approved RBN request which contains the following data in the Comments section:
    • 24 hour emergency contact number
    • Principal Investigator’s phone number
    • Name of person(s) conducting Research Billing Review (note: PennChart-Research Biller-OCR training is a prerequisite for this role)
    • Study team’s general number (Optional)
  • CTMS Summary page –
    • Your study must be registered in PennCTMS. After finalizing the summary page, please be sure to change the Request ID in the “IRB Number” field to the actual IRB number

Email to OCR Finance

Additional Resources

  • RBN Checklist
  • RBN Tipsheet

Professional and Hospital Fees

Professional Charges are defined as time and effort expended by a Physician or Specialist related to patient care.

 Hospital Charges encompass all aspects of a patient’s care including the actual test or procedure, supplies, support staff, hospital stay and medications. 

PennChart captures all professional charges and hospital charges in a centralized environment called the Research Billing Review Report. The charges will not move forward to billing to either the patient’s insurance or research grant until research teams review and make the necessary adjustments in the report. 

*Link to Knowledgelink trainings for Pennchart OR Ops page on Pennchart Training*