The Consultation

A complete assessment will be up to 4 hours in total which includes:

  • a face to face evaluation lasting up to 3 hours
  • review of inpatient and outpatient records (sent to our offices prior to your appointment time)
  • review self-rated forms and scales
  • review of the case with our team of specialists
  • both verbal and written communication with referring physicians

The assessment performed by the Treatment Center team is distinct from standard clinical evaluations that may have been performed previously. It is a comprehensive, lengthy, in-depth evaluation that utilizes state-of-the art assessment procedures, many adapted from research, so as to serve the needs of complex, difficult to treat cases.

Patients will meet first with a post-doctoral fellow specializing in mood disorders to review history of symptoms and treatment. In addition, the fellow will administer assessment instruments and interview family members.

The patient and family then meet with the faculty clinician to discuss their history and recommendations for ongoing treatment. The extent and adequacy of prior psychotherapy interventions will be reviewed and the appropriateness for alternate mood disorder-specific psychotherapy models determined.

Integration of the best practice of medication and psychotherapy for each individual case is strongly encouraged. The CCS team will assist patients by making referrals for individual therapy either in the home location of the patient or within the Penn system when feasible and desirable.

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