Preparing for the Initial Consultation

In order to ensure a comprehensive evaluation, several steps will be required prior to your appointment;

  • Before an appointment is scheduled, we will need to communicate with your treating psychiatrist or referring physician regarding your clinical history:
    • Have your referring physician contact our Program Coordinator by phone at 215-746-4100 or in writing, by submitting a summary of your current and past psychiatric treatment. The letter should include a history of all medications you have taken, and your responses.
    • If you do not have a treating psychiatrist, we would like a summary from any previous psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist with whom you have worked.
      Once we have received a phone call or letter from your physician, our Program Coordinator will call you to schedule an appointment within one week.
  • If you have ever been treated in a psychiatric hospital, have copies of the physician admission and discharge summary faxed to us at 215-746-4116. You will need to contact the records department of the hospital in order to consent to the release of the records.
  • Prior to your appointment you will be required to complete several forms, which will be mailed to you after your initial phone call with our Program Coordinator. We recommend submitting letters and forms by fax so that we will be able to respond sooner. Our fax number is 215-746-4116.
  • If there are any additional forms to be filled out, the Program Coordinator will ask you to arrive 30 minutes early on the day of your appointment to complete the necessary items.

To contact the Mood Disorders Treatment Center, please call 215-746-4100.

Mailing Address
Mood Disorders Treatment Center
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Department of Psychiatry
3535 Market Street, Mezzanine
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Fax number: 215-746-4116

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