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Our mission is to conduct the highest quality research that will improve patient lives, understand fundamental mechanisms, as well as train the next generation of leaders in our field who will carry on this vital work. We appreciate your interest in our programs and thank you for your support!

Louis J. Soslowsky, Ph.D.
Fairhill Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Vice Chair for Research

Every year in the United States, musculoskeletal-related conditions account for:

  • 132 million doctor visits
  • 29 million emergency department visits
  • 15 million hospital stays
  • More than $850 billion in health care costs

The key to improving the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disease-- and restoring quality of life to millions-- is creating a deeper understanding of the body.  It's the foundational work taking place in the lab that helps produce the most effective clinical therapies.  Your gift can be the key to the next breakthrough in research.

Philanthropy helps our scientists in many ways, providing

  • critical funding for research projects,
  • the latest tools and technologies, and
  • the freedom to spend more time on their work-- not seeking out sources of funding

It also gives our most promising young talent a learning environment that is rich with opportunity and possibility.

When our investigators know they have your support, they are better able to plan for the future, to take chances on new approaches, and to focus their research on doing the most good for the greatest number of patients.

To learn more about our research, please explore the links at the top of the page. You may also contact Lou Soslowsky, Ph.D., Vice Chair for Research, at or any of our faculty on our pages.

For more information about various giving opportunities available, please contact Allyse Orsini, Senior Associate Director of Development, at 215-746-3008 or

To make a gift now to the Orthopaedic Surgery Fund, go to

Thank you!

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