Pharmacology Ph.D. Required Courses 

Code Title
BIOM 600 Cell Biology
BIOM 611 Statistics in Experimental Design and Analysis 1
PHRM 532 Human Physiology.
PHRM 623 Fundamentals of Pharmacology
PHRM 624 Medical Pharmacology
PHRM 970 Candidacy Examination
Pharmacology Seminar elective/BGS electives*
Select two electives*
PHRM 599 Journal Club
PHRM 699 Laboratory Rotation
PHRM 899 Pre-Dissertation Lab Rotation
PHRM 995 Dissertation

Pharmacology Graduate Group Core Course Descriptions

PHRM 532 Human Physiology (CAMB532). 

Prerequisite(s): Although not a formal prerequisite, a good foundation in cell biology at the level of BIOM/CAMB 600 (or an equivalent upper level undergraduate course) is strongly recommended. Class meets three times per week. This course will present a survey of the physiology of most of the major organ systems. It will integrate knowledge of cellular and molecular mechanisms into an understanding of function at the tissue, organ and organism levels. It will begin with a brief review of membrane physiology, followed by electrophysiology and signaling in nerves. Then, after a brief outline of neural control systems and their role in homeostasis, it will present motilityand muscle, the cardiovascular system, respiration, the renal system, selected topics from the endocrine system, the physiological responses to altitude, temperature and exercise, and the gastrointestinal system. As well as providing a basis of integrative physiology for students in fields such as bioengineering and pharmacology, it should be of interest to students of cellular and molecular biology and genetic engineering who will need to appreciate the roles of specific systems and molecules at higher levels of organization.

PHRM 624: Medical Pharmacology (2 units)

This course is centered on the molecular basis of drug action.  It is comprised of four 1-hour lectures per week (as described for PHRM 600) and supplemented with weekly problem sets and readings designed to reinforce and expand upon materials presented in lecture.  Student evaluation is based on four exams and weekly problem sets.  PHRM 624 is required of all 2nd year PGG students.  PGG students must co-enroll in PHRM 532/CAMB 532 (Human Physiology). 

PHRM 623. Fundamentals of Pharmacology. (1 unit)

Prerequisite(s): Permission of course director. Meets four times per week. This course is designed to introduce students to basic pharmacological concepts with special emphasis on the molecular actions of drugs. Subject matter includes use of microcomputers to analyze pharmacological data.

PHRM 599. PGG Journal Club (0.5 credits)

The major goals of journal club are 1) to gain experience presenting recent original research articles from the primary scientific literature, and 2) to learn to critically evaluate the research contained in these articles with respect to their context, documentation, authentication, presentation, scientific rigor, reproducibility, inferences, and any other factors that contribute to the quality of the research and its communication.

699. Laboratory Rotation. (variable credits)

799. Independent Study. (variable credits)

899. Pre-Dissertation Lab Rotation. (variable credits)

Director: PGG Faculty

Schedule: 20 h per week in Fall and Spring; 40 h per week in Summer

Course units: Varies, up to 2 cu’s.

* Pharmacology electives vary depending on semester. Please refer to BGS Course Information for the most current listing of electives.