Training In Advanced Technological Development

The development of new technologies, motivated by significant biological problems is a major emphasis of PMI.


The development of new technologies to address significant biological problems is a major emphasis of the PMI. We are not only users, but designers and developers of state-of-the-art imaging techniques, single-molecule biophysical approaches, gene transfer methods and vectors, bioengineered tissues and substrates, and cell-based technologies. 

We are building super-resolution light microscopes and developing techniques to probe the workings and organization of the molecules that power intracellular transport and muscle contraction.  We are refining optical instrumentation and microfabricating substrates to measure the forces generated by individual motors.  Translational efforts include developing novel gene therapy technologies to treat muscle diseases and creating of novel biomaterials for tissue repair. 

The PMI welcomes students and post-docs to their labs to receive training in technology development. 

Investigating Members: