Information for Visiting Medical Students

For the 2024-2025 application season, Penn Radiation Oncology is open for away rotations. For more information, please refer to the Penn Medicine away rotation website PENN MEDICINE AWAY ROTATION WEBSITE and the OASIS course catalog OASIS COURSE CATALOG

Additional questions can be directed to the visiting student office or to our department’s education officer – Dr. Jacob Trotter or Marlene Kromchad.


Penn Visiting Clerkships for Students Underrepresented in Medicine UPHS|CHOP 

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Clerkship 2

Clerkship 3

Goals and Expectations of the Radiation Oncology Elective Course

  • To learn more about the general principles of oncology, including:
    • Basic scientific principles of neoplasia
    • Clinical presentation, diagnosis, workup and staging of various cancers
    • Multidisciplinary treatment decisions and guidelines
    • Principles of surgery, systemic therapy, and radiation therapy
    • Supportive medical care and palliative care of cancer patients
  • To understand the role of radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer.
    • To attend all tumor boards, chart rounds, and educational conferences/sessions.
  • To observe specialized procedures of radiation therapy for cancer, including
    • General simulation and treatment of common radiation therapy fields.
    • Planning and administration of CT-planned external beam radiation therapy.
    • Planning and administration of brachytherapy (optional).
    • Intraoperative photodynamic therapy (optional).
  • Give an oral presentation on a clinical topic related to your assigned rotation.