BEN Buys

Purchase orders (POs) are the preferred method for procuring goods/services. Most purchase orders for items can be initiated through the Penn Marketplace. Purchase orders for services (and some items) may need to be created as Non-Marketplace Requests.

We ask that every lab/group has at least one designated purchaser (“requisitioner") that can create requisitions. (Requisitions become purchase orders upon approval.) Training is required to become a requisitioner; please register on Workday Learning for the “BEN Buys – Requisitioner” course. Upon completion of the course, contact Linda Nace prior to submitting an eform to gain access.

Please note that you are not authorized to sign any supplier document. All contracts, quotes, or other documents relating to a purchase that require a signature must be signed by Procurement.

Relevant Links

  • BEN Financials (Normal operating hours are Monday through Saturday, 7am to 8pm. Exceptions may apply.)
  • Penn Marketplace (To be able to create a requisition, access the Marketplace through the Requisitioner responsibility of BEN Financials.)
  • Object Codes – This list contains all the object codes available. The object code is the four-digit number after the six-digit fund number in an account code combination that indicates the type of item/service being purchased. It is important that the object code accurately reflects the item/service. While BEN will autofill the object code, it sometimes gets it wrong, and the code must be manually updated. (After clicking the link, select “General Ledger Object Code” for the current fiscal year.)
  • Commodity Matrix – Use this to determine if a purchase can be made by purchase order or purchasing card.
  • Selecting a Supplier - This link will provide you with the list of preferred and approved vendors.

Getting Help

The BEN Helps Support Portal offers many guides on purchasing. If you cannot find an answer to your question within its documentation or via a search, you can create a ticket and request help from an expert.

For any further questions, feel free to contact Michelle Ludwig.