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Elaine Yingcheng Xu, MD

Yingcheng Xu

*generic iPhone alarm goes off*

I turn the alarm off and try to sleep another 10 minutes.

*second generic iPhone alarm goes off*

This time it's real...glance at my phone to see I haven't somehow overslept, and it's onwards with the day!

Living in the Rittenhouse area is pretty convenient, and I'm always a short bus ride away from all the hospitals we rotate at. So I make my coffee and breakfast and usually start eating while I'm waiting for the bus. By the time I get to the hospital, I'm more caffeinated and more alert.

Here's a sample day at the VA!

I usually arrive around 7:45 am and chart check on patients. Then it's the daily interdisciplinary meeting at 8:10 where we discuss unit issues and get a short blurb on any new admissions. Once new admissions are assigned, it's time for community meeting, where patients and staff gather to make announcements and discuss community issues.

Around 9 am, these meetings have concluded, and it's time to chart biopsy for the new patients and then interview them. Depending on your attending and the urgency of the news, you may then go see your follow ups and call consults etc. the rest of the morning before rounding as a team. After a plan has been made for the patients, it's time to put in orders.

Then it's lunch! Sometimes we have case conference during this time, so BYOL. The cafeteria on the first floor has improved over the years...but there's also lots of food trucks near by and a Wawa.

In the afternoon, I usually see any follow ups I have left, follow up on tasks, and then write notes.

Once everything is tidied up, it's time to head home around 4-5 pm.Once I get home, I relax and try to read at least 15 minutes about something psychiatry related. After that the evening is mine to cook dinner, eat, and usually watch some show. Currently I'm watching "The Last Tycoon" on Amazon Prime- highly recommend!

After talking to my loved ones, it's time to wind down for bed...and that's a day!

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