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Sunny Tang

Sunny TangA day in my life on a Tuesday: I am NOT a morning person.  Knowing this, I don't have any morning clinics and get to work around 9am, which is a refreshing 30min stroll through West Philly.  Some days I want to linger in the tree lined streets and morning sunshine.  Other days, I can't seem to walk quickly enough.  I get to my lab on 10 gates and work on my research.  This often involves combing through data, or meeting to talk about the data, or writing, or god-forbid, responding to reviewers' comments.  The morning is sometimes punctuated with responding to voicemails from my GAP clinic, or working on residency-related things for the research track or certificate programs.  After eating lunch at my desk, I spend the afternoon seeing patients as a part of the PERC clinic (for early psychosis).  These are wonderfully collaborative as I get to work with psychologists and therapists, as well as my attending.  As clinic winds down, I usually finish up a few things for my research, heading home around 630-730pm.  I always look forward to seeing hubby+pug as I come through the door.  If I'm lucky, there's often something delicious already brewing in the kitchen.

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