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Courtney Saw

Courtney Saw On any given day of my 5-day work week (Mon-Fri), I wake up no earlier than 7a, eat a quick breakfast and grab my lunch and coffee to go.  I walk or take the bus for 20 to 30 minutes to get to one of my clinic sites.  As a 3rd year in the adult psychiatry track, you have 3 GAP (General Ambulatory Practices) clinics, which you select from a variety of choices (Med-Psych, Geri, Treatment Resistant Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, neuropsych, &c.)  You also have one children's clinic and community clinic; I work in the Southeast Asian Clinic (9a-12p).  Lastly, you also work in a substance abuse clinic for half of the year at the Phila. VAMC.  All of the clinics last a half day.  Included in the remaining time of 5 half days, two of them are occupied by educational activities.  Thursday afternoon is Grand Rounds or Quality Improvement Project Review over residents' lunch provided by our program followed by didactics, including a coffee/fruit/cookie break in between with the chiefs to review resident news and concerns.  Friday morning always consists of Resident Assessment Clinic, where you take turns with half of your class (divided into 2 smaller groups) conducting an observed interview behind a one-way mirror with the close supervision of 2-4 attendings to perfect our interviewing, diagnostic, and case presentation skills.  The last 3 half days of unscheduled time is filled with one-to-one supervision with one Cognitive Behavioral Therapy supervisor and 2 psychodynamic/general supervisors, an optional elective of your choice (I chose Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which includes co-leading a two-hour skills group on Friday afternoons with another psych resident), and your own therapy patients, the number of which vary depending on your status; for example, research track requirement is three therapy patients, whereas the requirement for psychotherapy track, which I elected to do, is 7 + patients.  When all is said and done, I leave the office by 5:3-p at the latest on most days and have the vast majority of weekends off unless I sign up for moonlighting in our own psychiatric emergency department at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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