Aaron Joseph Masino, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Roberts Center
2716 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Office: 267-425-1693
BA (Mathematics)
Rutgers University, 1997.
ME (Aerospace Engineering)
University of Colorado, 1998.
PhD (Mathematics)
University of Central Florida, 2004.
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Selected Publications

Pang X, Forrest CB, Lê-Scherban F, Masino AJ: Prediction of Early Childhood Obesity with Machine Learning and Electronic Health Record Data. International Journal of Medical Informatics 150, June 2021.

Bose S, Kenyon CC, Masino AJ: Personalized prediction of early childhood asthma persistence: a machine learning approach. PLOS One 16(3): e0247784, March 2021.

Dao D, Tan J, Wasey JO, Masino AJ, Tsui R, Scott JH, Saeed M, Sloberman LJ, Hamid MM, Bartko MB: Simulation study to evaluate fidelity of continuous pulse oximetry recording in the electronic health record. SPA/AAP Pediatric Anesthesiology 2021 Virtual Meeting February 2021 Notes: Poster presentation. Virtual due to COVID-19.

Huang BH, Wang R, Masino AJ, Obstfeld O: Aiding Clinical Assessment of Neonatal Sepsis Using Hematological Analyzer Data with Machine Learning Techniques. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology 2021 Notes: in press.

Simpao AF, Wu L, Nelson O, Galvez JA, Tan JM, Wasey JO, Muhly WT, Tsui FC, Masino AJ, Stricker PA: Fasting duration and blood pressure in children: reply. Anesthesiology 2021 Notes: Epub 2021 Jan 25. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000003693.

Simpao AF, Lezhou W, Galvez JA, Tan JM, Wasey JO, Muhly WT, Tsui, F, Masino AJ, Stricker PA: Preoperative fluid fasting times and post-induction low blood pressure in children: a retrospective analysis. Anesthesiology 133(3), September 2020.

Folweiler KA, Sandsmark DK, Diaz-Arrastia R, Cohen AS, Masino AJ: Unsupervised machine learning reveals novel traumatic brain injury patient phenotypes with distinct acute injury profiles and long-term outcomes. Journal of Neurotrauma 37(12): 1431-1444, June 2020.

Henrickson SE, Conrey P, O’Boyle KC, Sayed S, Manne S, Bengsch B, Mentsch F, Herati RS, Qian T, Vella LA, Pastore CF, Hung LY, Hensley SE, Herbert D, Masino AJ, Hakonarson H, Rabinowitz JR, Coffin SE, Wherry JE: Obesity dysregulates Immunometabolic function in pediatric asthma. 2020 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting. Philadelphia, PA May 2020 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Masino AJ, Harris MC, Grundmeier RW: Prediction Explanations May Improve Sepsis Prediction Models. AMIA 2020 Clinical Informatics Conference. Seattle, WA May 2020 Notes: Virtual Poster Presentation due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Campbell EA, Bass EJ, Masino AJ: Temporal condition pattern mining in large, sparse Electronic Health Record data: A case study in characterizing pediatric asthma. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 27(4): 558-566, April 2020.

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