Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Capell Lab


JANUARY 2019: Jessica joins the lab!

MARCH 2019: Brian wins the Charles and Daneen Stiefel Scholar Award in Skin Cancer from the Dermatology Foundation at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting

MARCH 2019: Shaun delivers a fantastic oral presentation at the Penn Dermatology Skin Biology Disease Research Center Trainee Retreat

APRIL 2019: Shaun is selected for the Department of Dermatology Predoctoral T32 Fellowship!

MAY 2019: Brian presents some of our latest work at the Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting in Chicago

MAY 2019: Jessica leaves the lab to head to med school, we will miss her!

MAY 2019: Shaun passes his Prelim Exam!

JUNE 2019: Katie joins the lab for the summer! 

JULY 2019: Alex and Gina officially join the lab for their thesis projects!

JULY 2019: Excited to share the publication of our new review on the surprising non-catalytic roles of epigenetic modifiers in Trends in Genetics

AUGUST 2019: Lab Phillies game!

AUGUST 2019: Congrats to Shaun, Yann, and the entire lab on their exciting paper showing the potential of LSD1 inhibition for squamous cell carcinoma in Cell Reports including this story from the Penn News

SEPTEMBER 2019: Happy birthday to Alex! And thanks to Gina and Amy for not one, but two, amazing cakes!

SEPTEMBER 2019: Shaun, Alex, and Gina present their work and represent the lab at the Penn Genetics Retreat!

SEPTEMBER 2019: Excited to welcome to the lab, Amy Gladstein, for her first rotation!

SEPTEMBER 2019: Thanks to the Rutgers Center for Dermal Research for the chance to share our work at the 2019 Innovations in Dermatologic Sciences

OCTOBER 2019: Thank you to the Penn Head and Neck Cancer Center for supporting our work!

OCTOBER 2019: Halloween celebration at lab meeting!

NOVEMBER 2019: Yann and Eun present at the Annual AFCRI-Penn Cancer Research Postdoctoral Symposium!

DECEMBER 2019: Brian joins the career panel at the NY Skin Club meeting

DECEMBER 2019: Amy G gives an awesome presentation to the floor on her rotation work!

DECEMBER 2019: Shaun and Yann win first place for the "Best Poster" competition at the the Fox Chase Cancer Center Epigenetics Symposium at the Franklin Institute!

DECEMBER 2019: Lab Holiday Celebration at Condesa and El Techo