Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Capell Lab


FEBRUARY 2022: Alex delivers a fantastic seminar for the Department!


FEBRUARY 2022: Thank you University of Buffalo!


MARCH 2022: Gina shares her work with both Dermatology and Genetics!


MARCH 2022: Thank you Brigham and Women's Dermatology!

MARCH 2022: Congratulations to Jonathan on his acceptance to medical school!


MARCH 2022: Brian speaks at the annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Boston!


APRIL 2022: Shaun successfully defends his thesis! Congratulations to Dr. Egolf!


MAY 2022: Nina is awarded a NIH T32 grant!


JUNE 2022: We've been delighted to welcome two new stellar Penn undergraduates to our team this summer. Welcome Claudia and Lydia!!!


JULY 2022: Congratulations to our summer students, Harriet Banto and Morgan Sinkfield, for their fantastic work this summer and impressive poster presentations!


AUGUST 2022: Congratulations to our star postdoc, Dr. Eun Kyung Ko, on her recent preprint in bioRxiv detailing the fascinating role of H3K36 methylation in the balance between epithelial development and cancer! 


SEPTEMBER 2022: Welcome to our fantastic new lab manager, Carina D'souza! 


SEPTEMBER 2022: Thanks to the University of Michigan Center for Cell Plasticity and Organ Design for the wonderful visit and chance to share our work!


OCTOBER 2022: Thank you to the Skin Cancer Foundation for their generous support of our work with the Todd Nagel Memorial Research Grant Award!


OCTOBER 2022: Happy Halloween from the (costume award winning) Capell Lab!


NOVEMBER 2022: Thanks to Northwestern Dermatology for the fantastic visit and chance to present our work!


DECEMBER 2022: Congratulations to Alex on her preprint on the essential role of METTL3 in skin development and the regulation of histone modifiers in the skin! 


DECEMBER 2022: Lab holiday party at the Walnut Cafe!