Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Capell Lab


JANUARY 2023: Great Epigenetics Institute Retreat at Citizens Bank Park, and got some great feedback on our work from the Phillie Phanatic!


APRIL 2023: We are delighted to welcome graduate student, Louisa Boateng, to the lab for her spring rotation!


APRIL 2023: Nina gives a comprehensive overview of her work detailing the role of ferroptosis in keratinocyte differentiation and cancer!


MAY 2023: Nina shares her work on LSD1 and ferroptosis to an international and standing room only audience at the International Societies of Investigative Dermatology (ISID) meeting in Tokyo, Japan!


MAY 2023: Gina present at the Tuesday Derm Seminar!


JUNE 2023: Happy birthday and thanks for rotating with us, Louisa!


JUNE 2023: Nina presents to the Genetics Department!


AUGUST 2023: Alex gets set to defend!


AUGUST 2023: Celebrating Dr. Alexandra M. Maldonado López!


AUGUST 2023: Congrats to our fantastic summer student, Cathleen Tresnawati, and her outstanding mentor, Carina! 


AUGUST 2023: Goodbye party for Alex!


SEPTEMBER 2023: Alex's paper is published in Science Advances!


SEPTEMBER 2023: Welcome to our rotator, Nivitha Murali, a PhD student in the Genetics & Epigenetics Program!


SEPTEMBER 2023: Lab climbing!


OCTOBER 2023: Nina presents her work on LSD1 at the annual Penn Epigenetics Institute retreat at the Penn Museum!


DECEMBER 2023: Lab holiday bowling!