Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Capell Lab


JANUARY 2021: We wish Yann well and all the best of luck in his new position and home! We will miss him very much!

JANUARY 2021: Happy to take part in this collaboration with Seykora Lab looking at the earliest events in skin cancer and highlighted here in Penn News.

MARCH 2021: Alexandra shares her exciting work at the annual Penn Skin Biology and Disease Research Center (SBDRC) retreat!


APRIL 2021: Gina's excellent review on epigenetics, metabolism, and skin cancer comes out in Experimental Dermatology !


MAY 2021: The lab submits its first preprint to BioRxiv after identifying a link between one of the biggest tumor suppressors in cancer biology (MLL4/KMT2D) and the emerging tumor suppressive programmed cell death pathway of ferroptosis!


JUNE 2021: First in-person lab happy hour in over a year! 


JUNE 2021: Congratulations to Alexandra on her fantastic review synthesizing all the latest work on the METTL3-m6A epitranscriptome in epithelial development and cancer in Genes !


JULY 2021: Congratulations to Gina on receiving her NIH F31!!!


JULY 2021: Congratulations to Eun for her review on epigenetic methyltransferases in skin cancer in Cancers !


SEPTEMBER 2021: Congratulations to Shaun on being awarded a F99/K00 award from NCI!


SEPTEMBER 2021: Welcome to Nina and Lory who will be rotating with us this semester!


SEPTEMBER 2021: Lab Phillies game!


SEPTEMBER 2021: Shaun presents at the Penn Epigenetics Institute Cancer and Metabolism Interest Group meeting


NOVEMBER 2021: Great science and fun at the Penn Epigenetics Institute Retreat at Citizens Bank Park!


DECEMBER 2021: Celebrating Shaun, Jonathan, and Amy's paper in Science Advances!


DECEMBER 2021: Lab holiday party and celebration of Shaun and Amy's final days in the lab!