HIV Single Cell Reservoirs and Immunology Scientific Working Group (SWG)

Michael Betts, PhD

Co-Director, SCRI SWG

Laura Vella, MD, PhD

Co-Director, SCRI SWG

The mission of the Single Cell Reservoirs and Immunology (SCRI) SWG is to accelerate discovery of novel cure approaches by galvanizing expertise and promoting innovative studies that combine the fields of (i) HIV reservoir, (2) immunology, and (3) innovative computational and single cell sequencing approaches.

We welcome trainees and faculty from a wide range of disciplines to share expertise in computational, single cell approaches to immune cells & HIV reservoirs and to catalyze ideas for new collaborations.

Our goal is to connect new ideas with technical expertise to support cutting edge research in HIV immunology and reservoir science. The SCRI-SWG partners with the following CFAR cores to help make the ideas of Penn scientists happen:

If you would like to participate in the HIV-SCRI SWG and activities below, email to join our mailing list.


  • Journal Clubs
  • SWG quarterly meetings
  • Microgrant Idea Incubators
  • Grant submission groups