Pilot and Microgrant Feedback Talks

The Developmental Core of the Penn Center for AIDS Research hosts Pilot Feedback Talks for recipients of the previous year’s Developmental Pilot Awards. These talks give awardees an opportunity to prepare, rehearse, and present their scientific work for open feedback from their peers and more senior members of the CFAR community.

For additional information, contact: Cherylann McGee at mcgeec3@chop.edu

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for the next announced Pilot Feedback Talk!

Past Events

November 16, 2023- HUB CR- 15-15600 and TEAMS- Hybrid

Steven Meanley at 2:00pm EDT

“Building capacity to address equity in sexual health and wellness among transgender and gender nonbinary communities in Philadelphia”

Brad Johnson at 2:30pm EDT

“Modeling the interplay of HIV and aging-related biology”

September 11, 2023- HUB and TEAMS- Hybrid

Bonnie Ky at 8:00am EDT

“Understanding Cardiovascular Risk in HIV and Breast Cancer in Botswana”

Bogadi Loabile at 8:30am EDT

“Post-abortion care in Botswana: the impact of HIV status on outcome”

June 27, 2023- HUB and TEAMS- Hybrid

Ike Eisenlohr at 1:00pm EDT

“Production of T Cell Receptor-Like Antibodies and Monospecific CD4+ T Cells to Study the CD4+ T Cell-Mediated Processing, Presentation and Spread of HIV-1”

Rebecca Clark at 1:30pm EDT- Hybrid

“Understanding how pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV make infant feeding choices and their perceptions of related clinician communication”

Nancy Aitcheson at 2:00pm EDT

“PEP-talk: Designing Implementation Strategies for HIV Prevention at Plume”